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Hacking shouldn’t have the bad name it has. We do not all wear the black hat of the evil hacker; many of us can embrace the term wearing the white hat of the data defender, or even run with the original definition of the term, coined in the ’60s by MIT’s Tech Model Railroad Club and Artificial Intelligence Lab: someone using their wiles – generally in a playful way – to achieve a goal.

That’s certainly what we’ve gone for here, in this latest edition of Minitask.org. It’s a collection of the most essential features and tutorials from the excellent pages of Linux Format magazine, taking you through everything: choosing the right distro for the right purpose; picking up brand new software and coding skills to solve problems faster and more efficiently; making your network and computers more secure than ever before; and even having a little fun while you’re at it.

If you enjoy what you read here, may I highly recommend picking up a subscription to Linux Format magazine? I may. And I shall: you’ll get all the latest news, reviews, features and exciting hacker ideas delivered to your doorstep 13 times a year, imparted by the most brilliant team in tech journalism.

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